Our Team

At Our Core

At Our Core

We’re a group of students, mentors, and friends who believe in fostering a positive attitude in STEM alongside a strong set of values, and an even stronger family.


We teach and embrace core values that ensure that STEM skills are used for good.


We are unique individuals, equipped with integrity, humility, and respect.


We're empowered to do the right thing, especially when it's difficult.


We work hard despite failure and know that with diligence, we will succeed.


We're excited about STEM and we're motivated to innovate and create.


We are grounded in the face of fear by our faith in ourselves, and in each other.


We take risks and try new things, we embrace our mistakes and grow from them.


Helping Hands

LIFE Engineering would not be the team it is without its incredible group of mentors. We’re proud to be assisted by a total of 4 mentors, each with invaluable real-world experience. They’re there to teach and assist and are always there to lend a helping hand.

Helping Hands