Our Mission…

Our Mission is to inspire and equip young people to be science, technology, engineering and business leaders by providing hands on mentoring, activities, skills and experience that promote and empower leadership with values and purpose.

Our Vision…

Our Vision is to change our culture to a culture where young people embrace science and technology as a key tool to achieve their goals and dreams.

Our Values…

We believe to achieve our mission with our vision as a guide, we need values.  We work diligently to ensure our weekly activities are done with these values.   We believe these values are the where the ‘rubber meets the road’ for accomplishing our mission.

  • Character and morality matter – integrity, honesty, humility, self-control, discipline, compassion, respect for authority, using our abilities/powers for good
  • Diligence – Hard work pays off in the end
  • Courage – Failure leads to success; we learn from mistakes
  • Faith – We distinguish between fear and concern; we believe we are able to succeed
  • Passion – Energetic and fully engaged; we enjoy playing, winning and having good clean fun